Olivia & Nathan’s Wedding in Fallbrook

What a way to finish the 2017 year with Olivia & Nathan’s Wedding in Fallbrook, indeed it was a special one. Olivia’s Father is my friend Pastor Carlos Sales, who has been the officiant on many of my weddings. Now it was Carlos’s turn to not only be the officiant, but be the father of the bride. It was an amazing experience to capture the emotions and happiness of a father seeing her first daughter get married. He spoke, touching words to the new bride and groom, as he resisted his emotions when he saw his daughter incredibly happy.

The love from family and friends created a beautiful atmosphere in a remarkable location, this aura of love truly made the wedding magical.

Congratulations Olivia and Nathan for a great beginning in your new journey. Carlos my friend, Olivia picked a great guy to share her life with.
Thank you for letting me capture these amazing moments.

Hector G

Zouls Photography

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