Madalina & Nathan’s Wedding at the San Diego Courthouse

San Diego Courthouse Wedding

“Amazing couple” that is all I can say about Madalina & Nathan’s wedding at the San Diego courthouse that took place on May 10, 2018.  It all begins when Nathan contacted me by phone 3 days before the big day, inquiring about wedding photography. He wanted great pictures that will tell their story so they can remember their wedding day. I offered him storytelling images that the children of their children will see and feel the love they share that day. Lucky for me he rolled the dice and hire me the next day.

We all met at the underground parking of the San Diego Courthouse for the first time, immediately I saw and felt the love they had for each other; it was just two love birds and four important friends accompanying them to witness a ceremony that will mark the beginning of a new life. From that point, it was all amazing. They share with us their love story, all I can say was “Congratulations, what a great beginning, now enjoy life together”.

Thank you again for trusting Nathan, it was a pleasure capturing your wedding. Enjoy your beautiful wedding pictures.


Hector G

Zouls Wedding Photography

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